Up Close with Elvir Aljicevic

Photos by Hovan Sarok • Courtesy @elvir.aljiceviic


Up Close with Elvir Aljicevic

With his dazzling smile and exotic dance moves, Elvir Aljicevic became a TikTok sensation amassing nearly 10 million followers. “Mr. Sweden” Elvir chats with Playgirl about his life as an influencer, a fashion model and a successful entrepreneur.  This September he’ll make his way from Dubai to Los Angeles to compete for the coveted title of Mr. Universe.

How did you get started with modeling and acting?   

I started with shooting at home and my family was very supportive.

Photo courtesy @elvir.aljiceviic

What are some of your favorite experiences in both fields?

The shows in Italy and Dubai, particularly walking for brands like Menniti and Amato Couture. These experiences provided me with valuable exposure to the industry and the chance to showcase my skills.

What came first: the world of social media influencing, or the world of modeling & acting?  

In 2015, I started with modeling. Then in 2019, I started with TikTok and went crazy there with my videos.  Now I combine social media with my modeling and acting and share posts with people all around the world.

Photo courtesy @elvir.aljiceviic

What are you biggest accomplishments as an entrepreneur and what are you most proud of?

My biggest accomplishment is that I make people happy and that’s important to me.  I love to inspire and help people; I enjoy traveling the world, meeting new people and connecting with folks in different industries.

Tell us more about how 1Vision and the Savoir brand came about?

1Vision is a project my friends from London started. They coach you on how to make online income from anywhere. It’s amazing how you can use your phone to make money and how you can easily do it from anywhere. Savoir is my clothing brand: I started it 2 years ago.  I’ve always wanted my own brand: Savoir means “to know.”  The concept behind Savoir is to know your way in life and what’s right for you—you should aim to do that.

Photo courtesy @elvir.aljiceviic

How did you get involved in Mister Universe?  Is there anything different you do in your training in preparation for the live show in Los Angeles?

In 2019, I was drinking coffee with one of my close friends, randomly applied for Mr. Sweden, and went directly to the finals.  That’s how I got involved in Mr. Sweden first.  After winning Mr. Sweden and becoming the youngest title holder, I got the title “Mr. Photogenique Sweden 2019.”

In 2020, I went to Philippines to continue the “MR” journey to represent Sweden.  I came in 6th place and got the title “Best Commercial Model 2020.”  Now I’m training every day. But this year I’m planning it better on every level: food, sleep, etc.

Los Angeles later this year will be amazing. I’m looking forward to being on the Mister Universe stage and to showing my passion to the audience.

Photo courtesy @elvir.aljiceviic

What can we expect next in the world of Elvir Aljicevic?

Modeling and acting will always be a part of me but I’m slowly getting into real estate. I want to have a few properties in Dubai and I’m getting there—one has to believe in himself and fight for his dreams.

Instagram: @elvir.aljiceviic