5 Guys We’d Love to Undress

Jacob Elordi • Photo: Home Box Office/Album/Alamy.


5 Guys We’d Love to Undress

A dare-to-dream look into a few current faves

We can muse over why men seem to jump at the chance to be in testosterone-centered mags like Men’s Health and Esquire (both excellent), yet shy away from the pages geared toward women (and anyone who loves the male form). Please come pose for Playgirl! Until then, dream we will.

Behold, five of the sexiest celebs we’d love to bare all in our pages.

Jeremy Allen White

Case in point: Jeremy’s ad (and abs) for Calvin Klein. Maybe it’s his bedroom eyes, the way he plays Carmy on The Bear (broody!), or his tousled hair — it’s all that makes up the 33-year-old Emmy and Golden Globe winner. We’re thrilled about the sports drama The Iron Claw where White plays a wrestler alongside Zac Efron. Spandex singlets forever.


Jake Gyllenhaal

We didn’t know how to feel when we first heard Gyllenhaal was reprising Patrick Swayze’s role in Road House, but dear goodness, he took the role of Dalton to a deep spot in our hearts. (No one can replace the late-great Swayze though.) We’ve pined over the now 43-year-old Gyllenhaal for years, thanks to his role in Brokeback Mountain and Donnie Darko and his deviously welcoming smile, but for very different reasons. He’s now kind of the age where he’s the really hot “why is he single” guy next door.

Jake Gyllenhaal in ‘Road House.’

Donald Glover

Forty-year-old Donald Glover made our minds go in naughty directions all due to his title role in the series Mr. & Mrs. Smith — a spin on the movie that starred Brad Pitt. Glover is all the things and more — funny, smart, and with eyes that feel like they light up your soul just looking at them. He also performs under the name Childish Gambino and recently announced he’s putting another album out. There’s nothing this guy can’t do. So why not pose for us?

Donald Glover • Photo: AFF/Alamy Live News.

Jacob Elordi

Saltburn. Euphoria. Yes and yes! Thank you so much universe for Jacob Elordi. This 26-year-old “it” guy has generations of fans lusting over him. The man’s got presence and not just because he’s 6’5”, Australian, and can wear a suit like no one else can. He’s got these mysterious eyebrows and a face that gives us iconic movie star vibes. Elordi’s timelessly handsome, and thankfully his star has just begun to rise, so we can hope for many more years of this leading man.

Jacob Elordi • Photo: Home Box Office/Album/Alamy.

Steven Yeun

There were likely millions of ticked off fans when Negan showed up on The Walking Dead and ended Yeun’s role as our beloved Glenn. The horror! We mourned a lot for the tender-hearted character. And it took way too long to see him in the spotlight again. Our desires were granted when the genius series Beef starring Yeun and the amazing Ali Wong premiered. In it, Yeun played a character quite opposite of Glenn, which showed his range and a bit of his wild boy side … as far as make-believe goes. In real life, Yeun is an elusive one — he’s very private, which adds to his overall appeal. We’re ready for more Beef … and we mean that in every way.

Steven Yeun in ‘The Walking Dead’ • Photo: Picture Lux/The Hollywood Archive/Alamy.