Up Close with Fiachra

Up Close with Fiachra

Fiachra lives in rural Ireland, has a Ph.D. in musical composition and his choice instrument is the harp. If that isn’t enough to make you swoon, he is also a huge animal lover and the proud parent of two gorgeous German shepherds.

Instagram: @fiachraharp

Let’s take a closer look at Fiachra the composer and multi-instrumentalist: in 2018 he was commissioned to compose and perform Planxty Prince Charles in honor of the visit of then-Prince of Wales to Cork. His rich discography has received national radio airplay and it includes music for the screen and the stage.

What about Fiachra the prolific content creator? He has worked with several renowned photographers both in Europe and the US (Crisol, Freeman, MacLeod, Blagbrough…) and landed the covers of PLAYGIRL+ and Gmaro. It’s no surprise that 139,000 followers obsess over this sexy musician on Instagram.