Up Close with Corrado Martini

Man About Town • Photo: B. Szmigulski.


Up Close with Corrado Martini

On his Linkedin profile, Corrado writes: “As a digital content creator/working model, I have gained experience in the industry.” Let’s begin with his modeling. If there’s an ‘it boy’ in fashion, that’s Corrado: repped by Soul Artist Management, he has graced several covers of late – Man About Town, Jón Magazine, L’Official Hommes (Poland) – and many successful campaigns – we love him in DSquared2’s (hot) and in Armani Exchange’s.

But it’s his shrewd understanding of social media and of social media engagement that intrigues us the most: Corrado has amassed 2.6 million followers on TikTok and 481K on Instagram, where he posts regularly (and often shirtless) about his everyday life and his journey as a top model. Numbers big enough to qualify him as a mega-influencer, if not (yet) as a celebrity. “There’s a lot of negatives to social media,” he says in an interview with VanityTeen. “Let’s stick to the good things such as awareness, connections and joy. Many people have found safety in their phones because apps such as TikTok, YouTube and others show you content that you tend to enjoy.” No doubt his 3 million fans can’t get enough of this 21-year-old from San Diego –of his infectious smile and the six-pack and the ‘iconic’ long hair. We know we can’t.

Instagram: @corradommartini