Daddy Dearest: the Sexiest TV Dads

Modern Family • Photo: ABC.


Daddy Dearest: the Sexiest TV Dads

No matter how they address their audience, these fictional dads just make you want to undress the character.

There’s something about Daddy. Specifically those fictional TV dads who never existed but hold a very real space in hearts and fantasies.

For decades, the television D.I.L.F has played side fiddle to the television M.I.L.F. Why? Well, a sexy, sultry mom is easy to nail (no pun intended).  But a dad? Not so much! From comedies to dramas, TV dads often play the fool or the foil for the family cast around them. But behind the goofy jokes, exasperated stares, and loving speeches, emerges a sensual aura that can envelope these characters and project from the screen.

Nearly 100 years of television has given us ample men to pick from. But for this first annual list, I’m keeping it to ten dads. No list is perfect, but this one sums up the…unusual suspects in the category. From The Nanny to Riverdale, our sexiest TV dads are a diverse bunch, selected from several eras of television. Each has his own unique appeal which could seduce you with one chuckle, a certain look or kind word into giving him…bread. Buttered of course, with eggs and orange juice every morning for the rest of TV eternity. Now is there something a little….peculiar… about all this daddy and sex talk? Well of course! Freud’s Oedipus complex theory enlightened us.  But in the final analysis, dear reader: this is Playgirl –and this is Father’s Day– and so there’s no better way to celebrate Big Papa than with a steamy reading session. So be a good girl (or boy) and saddle up for our hot list of sexiest TV dads.



THE SHOW: The Nanny

THE ERA: 1990’s

THE ACTOR: Charles Shaugnessy, 5th Baron Shaugnessy

THE APPEAL:  A certain savoir-faire. He is cultured, educated, well-traveled, handsome and rich. No wonder the nanny named Fran and his business partner named CiCi were ready to scrap over this fine father of two. And so are we!  As Fran found out, this devoted and caring dad is worth the fisticuffs for the right to officially scream “OH! Mr. Sheffield!”

The Nanny • Photo: CBS.


THE SHOW: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 

THE ERA:1990’s

THE ACTOR: James Avery

THE APPEAL: Everything! This gentle giant of a father had the strength of steel and a heart of gold. Both of which he used to good effect as a lawyer and a father. If Smith was the Fresh Prince, then Banks was surely king! He held court in his castle with a grace and wisdom that made us all feel like Phil was Daddy!

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air • Photo: NBC.



THE ERA: 2000’s

THE ACTOR: Jonathan Daniel Hamm

THE APPEAL: Well, technically, none. A liar and a cheater of the highest order, not to mention a negligent dad. But silly and superficial us! Draper’s faults are swaddled in such urbane style and erotic ennui that it’s really hard to get mad at this man. His dark, brooding manner makes this daddy the kind you want to rescue, even if just for a commercial break!



THE SHOW: The Sopranos

THE ERA: 2000’s

THE ACTOR: James John Gandolfini Jr.

THE APPEAL: The vulnerability! Yes, it’s clear that Daddy is a cold-blooded serial killer. But he’s so verklempt about it! Tony’s willingness to go to therapy and “do the work” is one of his most seductive (even if not redeeming) attributes. This soft side juxtaposed with his ruthless sensibilities can definitely bring the girls and boys to Soprano’s yard! Danger be damned!

The Sopranos • Photo: HBO.


THE SHOW: Friday Night Lights 

THE ERA: 2000’s

THE ACTOR: Kyle Chandler

THE APPEAL: Honest, earnest and wise! Yes, it’s rare for the “good guy” to have this much appeal, but caring dad and coach Eric Taylor pulls it off with ease. On the field he is a straight- shooting coach leading his team to victory, at home he is a tender and affectionate husband to his wife Tami, and doting dad to his only daughter, Julie. Pair these qualities with daddy Taylor’s classic good looks and we truly have a touchdown.



THE SHOW: Everybody Hates Chris

THE ERA: 2000’s

THE ACTOR: Terry Crews

THE APPEAL: Consistency! Yes, it may read as cheap or neurotic, but this devoted and caring dad is all about lavishing love on his wife and family. While he may have a penchant for long speeches and driving his family crazy with cost cutting measures, everybody loves Julius Rock. Based loosely on comic Chris Rock’s real dad, Julius can be as fun as he is frugal. This father of three often enjoys relaxing to The Young and The Restless or vibing out to Gloria Gaynor’s hit disco tune, “I Will Survive.”  He may never be a sugar daddy, but this one will always be sweet and engaging.



THE SHOW: Fresh Off The Boat 

THE ERA: 2010’s through 2020

THE ACTOR: Randall Park

THE APPEAL: His vision! It takes a strong one to inspire you to uproot your whole family –and to Florida at that. But that’s the kind of daddy Louis Huang is. His unpredictable nature and passion for his family, food and his Western themed steakhouse, Cattleman’s Ranch, is all so endearing, one wouldn’t mind risking a ride in the saddle.

Fresh Off the Boat • Photo: ABC.


THE SHOW: Riverdale 

THE ERA: 2010’s through 2020’s

THE ACTOR: Luke Perry

THE APPEAL: His calm! Fred Andrews did not lead an easy life! His father’s early death, rejection from his high school sweetheart and single parenthood are just some of the curveballs life threw at Fred. A super dad if there ever was one, he takes his son Archie’s decision to not join the family business and pursue music in stride. After some processing, Fred responds by transforming their home garage into a rehearsal space. The only thing better than his cool and collected vibe, were the sultry good looks. When Fred, like the actor who played him passed, it was a poignant reminder that only the good die young.



THE SHOW: Blue Bloods 

THE ERA: 2010’s through 2020’s

THE ACTOR: Tom Selleck

THE APPEAL: His strength and silence! There is something about Police Commissioner Frank Reagan that just screams save me, protect me, rescue me or arrest me. All options work, so far as the frisking is done by this father of four. He descends from a strong line of take-charge men, including his father, Harry Reagan, who was also a commissioner and Charles Reagan, a proud Irish immigrant who fought in World War I before becoming an NYPD officer. With all these credentials, this sexy daddy and boy in blue, can get red hot with us anytime.

Blue Bloods • Photo: CBS.


THE SHOW: Modern Family

THE ERA: 2010’s through 2020

THE ACTOR: Ty Burrell

THE APPEAL: Empathy! It may be the least visible of all Phil’s many charming traits, but it’s the one that powers them all. From his quest to be “cool dad” with his kids (using his self-coined “Peerenting” style) to his constant attempts to impress his wife, to the support he provides his extended family, daddy Dunphy’s compassion truly makes him amazing. Add to that his nonstop jokes, quick comebacks and witty takes, and we have one of the sexiest and dynamic daddies on this list.

Modern Family • Photo: ABC.