Tony Capucci

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December 31, 1969 | 19:05 | Categories:

Starring Tony Capucci

Johnny Castle’s Valley, California roommate is Tony Capucci—and it’s impossible to imagine a hotter male mix.  Tony is an Italian/Puerto Rican mix.  Yes, he was actually bred to be a passionate lover. He’s got a round firm ass, brown skin, and a fat-headed, spongy cock.  In women, he likes a big booty, and not too much makeup.  As natural as possible, and he appreciates a girl from top to bottom—especially pretty feet and no fucked-up teeth. He once had sex with his girlfriend in her mother’s house—when the entire extended family was at home.  It was a quicky, doggy style—his balls banging into her thighs. He likes doggy style and not because she had fucked-up teeth, or so he says. Tony used to be a goofy looking kid—a total dork—so this show off session of his hard abs, while pumping his thick brown cock is his own proud way to show all the girls that rejected him just exactly what they missed.  Thank god for PLAYGIRL! As Tony masturbated by the Palm Springs pool, he edged to climax only to get distracted by a dog barking nearby, or producers on the phone.  So by the time he finally did shoot for our cameras, his juicy pop was well worth the wait! After his career in taking off his clothes, Tony wants to go to the Golf Academy.  I get the feeling he won’t be abandoning his sex career entirely, though, as his favorite golf club is a driver (“because you can whack the shit out of the ball”).  Golf is something one can you can enjoy for an entire lifetime, kinda like Tony’s ball slapping, cum draining jerk off!