Damon Phoenix

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December 31, 1969 | 29:30 | Categories:

Starring Damon Phoenix

Damon’s a big boy—with a baby face.  He got all wet for PLAYGIRL in a steamy shower shoot, and then got back to nature for the finale. In the future, Damon plans to treat cancer patients as a future oncologist.  He is a big hearted boy and he likes to help others (you gotta love a helper!) and if he takes care of patients anywhere near as well as he takes care of himself, cancer doesn’t seem so bad. Damon Phoenix used to be in the Navy—he was an aviation electronic technician—try saying that five times really fast…and did we know that the Navy has more planes than the Air Force?  Or that the Army has more boats than the Navy?  Who really cares when all we can focus on is the big beefy body (or is that booty?) of Damon posing stark naked on a pile of purple bougainvillea blossoms. The military found Damon’s nude profile posted on a XXX adult internet site, and then gave young Damon an honorable discharge.  Of course we know why it was honorable, because there is nothing dishonorable about the discharge he gives PLAYGIRL.