Fantasy Forum: A Hot Take On Your Steamiest Thoughts

Fantasy Forum: A Hot Take On Your Steamiest Thoughts

One Playgirl shares how the guy at her coffee shop keeps showing up in her fantasies.

Fantasies live in our imagination, sometimes they are so wildly fantastical that they stand no chance of ever coming true. And that’s the beauty of the mind. We can dare to go places that we don’t really want to in reality, and we can do it with anyone we want anywhere we want. This Fantasy Forum explores exactly that — one woman’s steamiest thoughts on a sexual scenario she plays out in her mind … one she has no interest in truly acting out in real life. And why would she, when she’s completely satisfied with the outcome with no strings attached.

This fantasy is from Melissa — at least that’s what we’ll call her because she prefers to remain anonymous. Melissa often places the cute barista at her local coffee shop in her fantasies. When she tells me this, she also feels a rush of heat in her cheeks. She admits it’s because she feels weird admitting this to anyone. I tell her I want her to feel safe sharing and revealed that I’d had salacious thoughts about the stock person at a retail store I once worked at (albeit decades ago). I couldn’t help but think he felt the energy, too. That’s what made Melissa nervous. Would sharing this with me, with all of you, put more energy into this barista fantasy, which in turn would make ordering a Mocha Latte that much more heated? She decided she didn’t care and spilled all.

I had to know though — did this fantasy take place in the coffee shop?

No! Melissa shared. It was in her home, in the comfort of her bed away from the bustle of the shop. It had nothing to do with coffee or back rooms or barista aprons, but only this one guy in (and out) of his everyday clothes, far removed from him asking if she wants whip or no whip. Though by now, he knows she declines.

It’s a simple fantasy, she tells me. What feels dangerous is that it’s him — this person she knows nearly nothing about, this person who she has filled in the blanks with her own version of perfect. That version of him that exists in her mind. In it, his lips are soft and gentle on her face when they kiss. It’s flashes of these moments that she can see when she closes her eyes. She can feel his warm breath on her neck as he makes his way down toward her navel, stopping at her hips, his hands on her lower back inching their way lower and lower. This fantasy is all about one man being eager to please one woman in exactly the way she needs.

Melissa shared:

It’s all about his soft lips and feeling them everywhere. It’s like I can close my eyes and feel what they can do to my core being. It’s like just thinking about it makes me feel on the verge of this next level of excitement. Maybe it’s the way he says my name when I order coffee. I honestly don’t even know the color of his eyes. I do know his lips though. And his hands. The hands that my own hands have grazed when he’s handed me a coffee. For my fantasies with him, it’s all about those lips and hands. I have fantasized about his lips traveling lower down my body until reaching my most sensitive spots. I imagine feeling his finger inside me, then following his tongue on my clitoris. And that’s really all it takes.

What happens next? I asked her.

Nothing. It’s like he just disappears. The fantasy is complete.

Then you go in for coffee the next day as if nothing happened?

Exactly, she laughed. Maybe that’s weird.

Not weird at all. Sounds perfect simply because it makes you happy.

It does. It’s like I created a sexual version of this sweet person I see out in the world, but I’ve made up details about him to fit into a fantasy. That fantasy is really just about pleasure, specifically pleasuring me, allowing me to lay back and let go. He expects nothing in return, he just wants to please me.

So, it’s kind of like him making you the perfect Mocha Latte? Your exchange ends there — you get your coffee and go.

It is! Though I do give him money for that! My fantasy happens when I’m masturbating, usually with my vibrator. It’s like I have this time to romance myself but I add him into the scenario. He’s there until I reach orgasm and that’s it. There’s no big lead in — it all starts with us kissing in my bed. And there’s no storyline, just right to the point of pleasure. 

I asked her what was it about him that allowed her to paint this picture of him in her mind?

There’s a warmth to his smile and I guess that stuck with me. It wasn’t like I saw him and thought I’d insert him into my naughtiest thoughts, but there he was one day — he just popped into my head.

I checked in with Melissa after she revealed this all to me to see if she’d seen the barista since and if she felt different.

I have and interestingly it made me notice other things about him, like I saw more of him. His eyes are brown by the way! I can order my Mocha no problem. Okay, maybe it’s a little more charged than how the guy behind me orders his coffee, but it’s business as usual. I am not interested in him in real life. So, I think I need to move on in my fantasy land and find a new subject.

I’ve no doubt she will.