Up Close with Jordan Torres

Photo: Chepe Jose • Courtesy JT @officialjt


Up Close with Jordan Torres

Jordan Torres is the Official JT

Jordan Torres (JT) has been making his way through life since 18 in the spotlight of modeling-come-entrepreneur, social media influencer and soon-to-be club owner. When he’s not traveling to New Zealand with the US rugby team or walking the runway for Givenchy in Paris Fashion Week, he’s focused on building his brand and taking care of his family in his house on the beach.  Discussing motivation and following your dreams, JT reflects on his journey and inspiration along the way.

Photo: Chepe Jose • Courtesy JT @officialjt

When did you get your start as a model?

Brought me back. My first job was Givenchy for Paris fashion week when I was 18. I signed the contract behind my mom’s back and left to Paris. No regrets, look at me now.

You’ve been called a fitness enthusiast, a model and an actor — how do you define yourself? 

I like all of those, but I’ll definitely define myself as an entrepreneur. I took what god blessed me with and turned it into something more. Owning properties and opening my first club soon. It’s been a journey. Add inspiration in there too.

You have worked with a number of great photographers— what’s been your favorite experience as a model? 

Man seeing myself places was always cool. But as I got older I’ll have to say the experience of putting a shoot together and bringing it to life. The mood, the feels, the emotion, the art etc. all those things became so important to me. The connection.

Photo: Chepe Jose • Courtesy JT @officialjt

There’s a short documentary Jordan Torres: The Bronx’s Fly Half by Justin Violini which follows you as a teenage rugby player in the Bronx— how did that come about?  Do you still play rugby?

That video still brings tears to my eyes. Rugby changed my life, I didn’t expect to go as far as I did but it was a blessing. I’ve always been an athlete but my god given talent was rugby, I left to New Zealand for a couple months to play rugby and also played for the USA rugby team.  In the mix of all of this I got scouted for modeling so that’s when the big decision came about, you can see which path I chose. So no, I do not play rugby anymore, but I do miss it dearly. It came down to building a life and taking care of my family.

Tell us more about your acting debut in Diego On My Mind.  Do you have any new acting roles coming up? 

Diegoooooo, he was the man. Heartthrob of course, it was a cool Amazon film. Unfortunately right now I don’t, I’ve been so busy and focused on my own brand that I took a step back from acting. Deep down inside my heart the desire is still there. I’ve studied acting for 4 + years; when that door opens again, I’m ready. I’ll let the universe decide, grateful to be where I am today.

Do you have any modeling campaigns coming up that you’re excited about?

Got something in the works, also some big magazine covers coming soon. Lots of good stuff coming, be on the lookout!

What’s your biggest inspiration and motivation?

My biggest inspiration is myself, I’ve been broke and hungry. I’ve chased a dream only I could see. Now I type this answer in the backyard of my house on the beach. You just never know, but you can’t give up, as cliche as that sounds. My biggest motivation is my family, we’ve been through so much together. So it warms my heart to break that generational cycle. Also when I become a dad one day, I’ll give my kids everything I ever wanted… Mark my word.

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