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Mike Shouhed Does Playgirl!

One of our favorite Reality Stars, Mike Shouhed, is getting ready to bare all for The Persian hard-bodied hunk recently made his announcement on “Watch What Happens LIVE” with Andy Cohen. In a more recent clip, Mike shared the more »


We Still Love You Keith Urban…

  Oh Keith  Urban… why must you break our hearts? We still have fond, fond memories of your 2001 photoshoot with Playgirl, and yet you question “What the hell were you thinking?” Well, we know what you were thinking: A more »


What Men Want

So we were Chatting with a certain young man in our office about what it is that men really want. Lets start out by saying that this young man is not an outlier. He is well educated, successful, reasonably good looking, and more »


The Best Strip Clubs in Town… – Atlanta, GA WHY WE LIKE IT: Bliss of Atlanta features a full complement of amenities ….. Three Bars …. Fully Nude Stage Sets …. VIP Lounges …. VIP Rooms …. VIP Sky Boxes …. State of the Art more »


How To Get What You Want In Relationships

Let’s face it, relationships are hard. Its ironic really… we spend a good chunk of our single lives making ourselves desirable to the opposite sex (or whatever sex we happen to be crushing on) then the moment we get into more »


How To Pick Up People In Bars

HOW TO PICK UP GIRLS IN BARS So you are at the hottest new bar in your City, you are ready to mingle, and you are surrounded by a plethora of nice-looking women. The problem? None of those women are more »


Pick Up Tips for Guys: Find a Wingwoman

PICK UP TIPS: FIND A WINGWOMAN Guys, it true. The best wingman is a wingwoman. Having a girl on-hand makes you automatically look less like a skeevy pick-up artist out on the prowl, and a whole lot more like a more »


Playing the Numbers Game

PLAYING THE NUMBERS GAME Eventually, there comes that uncomfortable time in every new relationship when the partners ask each other “what’s your number?” (For those of you who are either dense or pretending to be, “number” refers to sex partners more »